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THE election of Fareed Raza as the Treasurer of FANCA Canada has irked footballing public on social media, Facebook.

The new entity was formed on the behest of FANCA Federation.

Zarim Khan was elected president during the annual general meeting at the weekend.

And while there is a partisan support for the new organization, it is Fareed's election on the board that drew an insurmountable criticism.

Fareed was convicted for an $11 million tax fraud in May of 2016.

One, Shaban Khan feels the Treasurer’s position doesn't fit Fareed's profile.

He vented his displeasure at Zarim Khan who made it official on the public domain, only to remove Fareed's name after he was flagged.

"What's going on you have Fareed Raza as Treasurer just because you edited your post that doesn't mean that he's not the Treasurer. How do you explain yourself? What kind of an organization did you help to create", he writes.

"This is the same Fareed Raza that defrauded so many weak elderly people and has been convicted and is currently on parole, it is very apparent that you will consider anyone that will help your agenda. What happened to change?

Zarim replied, "We will take everything in consideration and address in our next meeting. Thanks for your thoughts".

"If need is there, we can always make that change, I thought you were going to attend the agm and elections. We will take your opinion seriously and make necessary changes".

"I hope the FANCA organization does its due diligence before entertaining your group any further. It seems like you'll do almost anything to achieve your goals even very scandalous ones", added Shaban.

In response, Zarim writes, "That’s not the intention. It’s only to give opportunities and move forward with one’s life".

FANCA tournament stalwart and former Fiji football great, Nizamud Dean (Peter) writes.

"What a joke, looks like a bazaar committee.

"How many days old is this new committee, you haven't even had your first committee meeting and you guys are already biting each other, please do it behind closed doors".


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