Fiji Airways Drua created history after defeating Queens Country 36-26 in the National Rugby Championship at Lautoka's Churchill Park.

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Footballers mark Fiji Day

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Shafeel Sahib gets patriotic with Fiji FlagShafeel Sahib gets patriotic with Fiji FlagFIJIAN footballers have taken to social media to celebrate the country's 48th Independence Day anniversary.


The annual national holiday in Fiji marks the proclamation of independence from British colony on October 10,1970, and footballers have wished and sent prayers to the country of their birth and have joined citizens in a celebratory mood.

Former Lautoka rep, Ronald Singh said, “Today is a day that represents freedom, equality and unity. I stand proud to be a Fijian and on this day of our independence. I want to salute all my fellow Fijians in honor of this great day. Happy Independence Day’.

Subarmani Reddy, the former Nadi and Rangers FC, said, ‘Happy Independence Day to Fiji and Fijians. God bless. I wish and pray for peace, happiness, joy and God give our leaders wisdom to lead the country to the promise land. There will never be a better time to arise compatriots’.

‘We must pay gratitude to the country of my former being, its where it all came about, live long and prosper forever Fiji’, said former Western Stars, Jagat Singh.

Fijian Flash, Ivor Evans, the Vancouver Whitecaps sensation says ‘Fiji is the way the world should be, God of nations. Blessings upon always’.

‘Happy Independence Day to all my fellow countrymen. 48 years of freedom and independence. May God continue to bless our nation, and may his grace continue forever’, said Shafeel Sahib, the former United Old-boy.


Fiji was ceded to Great Britain on October 10th, 1874 and gained its independence on October 10th, 1970.

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