New Zealand beat Australia 17-14 to win the Canada Sevens at the BC Place in Vancouver, the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2020 is postponed amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

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7s fans ooze with confidence

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Fiji 7s fans confident of Paris 7s winFiji 7s fans confident of Paris 7s winFIJI Airways men's 7s fans are oozing with confidence the team will win the Paris Sevens and clinch the overall series title.

Heading into the decisive 10th leg of the series with a slim 2 points lead over USA, Fiji is expected to bring its best performance as the winner will take the 2018-2019 World Sevens Series championship

“Fiji had been in similar situation last year, having won four consecutive titles and when it mattered the most, lost to England 19-17 in the quarter-finals, thanks to a stunning winning try at the end of a 26-pass moves”, remembers, diehard fan Sam Ali.

Ali says Fiji will need to settle an old score against England at the outset and on the very turf, in its opening game.

"It's England that thwarted Fiji the 2017-2018 World Sevens Series title. Fiji, I must add slept at the switch", he said.

“It’s all about redemption at will.

“Settle an old score in a hurry, then throttle down to turn in a beast mode.

“It's the one game that handed South Africa the overall series title on a slim 2 points, 182-180”.

Jake Singh, an Edmonton resident, said he has full confidence in the team to win the Paris Sevens.

Singh said Fijians must set an early tone against England and kick it a few notches there on in its quest for the title hunt.

“It all comes down to Paris, they win it, they win the overall series", said Singh.

“I don’t doubt their desire and the willingness to win the fourth overall series championship”.

Thousands of fervent fans like Ali and Singh hold faith that coach Gareth Baber’s side will win the Paris Sevens and the clinch the overall series title.

Fiji 7s team won the 2005-2006 World Sevens Series championship, with 144 points, followed by the back to back, 2014-2015 (164),2015-2016 (181) points.

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