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Fijians change of heart

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Canadian Fijians change of heartCanadian Fijians change of heartFollowing Canada 7s historic Singapore Sevens win last night, the otherwise diehard Fiji 7s fans seem to have a little change of heart.

Canadian Fijians across Canada took to the social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to celebrate Canadas first HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, the Singapore Sevens championship.

The new wagon of fans who had not wagered Canada to make it the final let alone win the Singapore Sevens heaped praises on the team for beating No 4. New Zealand 26-14 and No. 3 England 17-5 before dispatching fifth ranked US Eagles 26-19 in the final game.

Ajendra Singh, a born Fiji 7s fan said suddenly Canada had huge Fijian following, added many probably felt the county is after all home and after 140 events, the team won an event and so came the outpouring support.

Fijians have displayed mixed emotions as they joined other Canadian to savor the moment.

I stumbled over hundreds of comments on Facebook alone where Canadian Fijians were all in a celebratory mood", said Raj, who was very surprised that most of his friends and others who are pro-Fiji 7s suddenly changed their drapes.

Raj said he is not of the opinion that fans had done wrong but questioned those that dress up in Fijian attires and costumes during the Vancouver Sevens and likewise in every other tournament.

Munif Raza couldnt agree more, said the last thing Canadian Fijians would do was to root for Canada or maybe this one, off thing has had people change their allegiance till the Paris leg of the tournament.

It is crazy. Im like wheres the Fiji 7s loyalty now".

What I'm shocked about is the many I know had talked about Fiji 7s and the hat-trick Hong Kong Sevens win on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ahead of the Singapore Sevens.

What a difference a week makes. I dont know if Fijis cup quarter- final loss to USA had anything to do with the change of heart, said the Vancouver-rite".

Calgarys Ratu Joji said Canadians, Fijians or Canadian Fijians have choices who to support, it is unwritten rule and no one can force anyone to just be a Fiji 7s fan, its all about choices, said he is all about Fiji.

Canada has been home for thousands of Fijians. This is the land of the free'.

We're privileged ones to enjoy the many great things this beautiful country has to offer and were forever indebted but when it comes to rugby I am all about my motherland".

Joji said whether Fiji 7s win or loses, he is forever a Fiji rugby fan.

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