New Zealand beat Australia 17-14 to win the Canada Sevens at the BC Place in Vancouver, the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2020 is postponed amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

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Beat us if you can: Fijian fans

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Fiji Airways Fijian Men's 7s players win fifth HK 7s titleFiji Airways Fijian Men's 7s players win fifth HK 7s titleYOU just can’t beat Fiji 7s team when it comes to HSBC/ Cathey Pacific Hong Kong Sevens.

It is that simple, says Jasbir Singh, a passionate Fiji sevens fan and a member of Surrey’s Fiji 7s club.

Singh was among a large group who rode the night watching Fiji create history by winning a record fifth title in a row in a scintillating finale against France at the So Kon Po Stadium.

The Fijians outmuscled a resilient France 21-7.

“A remarkable feat that goes in the history books”, he said. There are teams that are yet to win at Hong Kong and here Fiji has won a record 5 straight titles”.

Singh said his group had hunkered down early Saturday night and rode the entire night enjoying the best sevens rugby at Fiji’s favorite hunting pad.

Ajay Raj said coach Gareth Baber had prepared the team well and just by watching their performance there was no doubt the team wanted the fifth title to their name and for the country.

“It was very clear from the very get go that coach Gareth Baber and the entire team wanted the Hong Kong title, the fifth to go with the already four they had to their name.

"When it comes to Hong Kong you just can't beat us".

The Surrey 7s fan club erupted with cheers every time Fiji pushed for the try line with pure zeal and determination.

Raj said the Fiji 7s club had always supported Fiji team on every leg of the circuit, added nothing beats the euphoria of the Hong Kong sevens delight.

“We go all out during Vancouver Sevens, this year unfortunately Fiji didn’t do too well but seeing them make it up for the loss in Hong Kong beats the frustration if you will.

“The fifth title is for Fijians world over to celebrate”, said Singh, whose members enjoyed the binge Kava sessions over the weekend.

“It’s all about the championship side and the national drink, Kava, just can’t do without the other”.

You just can’t beat Fiji when it comes to Hong Kong Sevens where they turn into a beast mode, said Singh with a nod of approval from the club members.

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