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Push for Kava Bar at BC Place

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Shamim Khan with NasokoShamim Khan with NasokoFIJIANS need a kava (grog) bar to be setup at the BC Place Stadium during the Canada Sevens.

They say if alcohol beverages, its sales and consumption are permitted in the stands and concourse than, kava (Fiji’s social drink) has its place as well.

Shamim Khan says kava is legal for its use in the country and several requests made to the event hosts for its sales have been futile.

“If alcohol is sold, I don’t see any reason why our drink is not allowed”, he said.

“There’s a huge demand for kava. Not all Fijians consume alcohol”.

Khan said Fijians have also taken to Canada Sevens social media, Facebook to express their views, while every message is being aptly replied, the kava request remains unanswered.

The British Columbia Government owned facility, is operated by the City of Vancouver that holds the right to its lease, including the sale of alcohol, food and beverages and profits.

And Khan says if profit is what the City of Vancouver is looking at than they should sell kava for whatever monetary gains.

“I’m sure the city knows Fijian kava, if per say profit is what are looking at then so be it, get in touch with a supplier and setup a stall”, he said.

“We Fijians need to enjoy our beverage.

“It’s either they sell it or have us bring our drink to the stadium”.

Khan said a few basins to go with the weekend long event is after-all is not a bad idea.

“Trust me there are thousands who feel kava should be allowed. Kava guzzlers don’t need extra security, the drink calms all nerves”, quipped Khan.

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