Labasa team and officials celebrate with the IDC trophy after beating Suva 1-0 at Nadi's Prince Charles Park on Sunday. FB 

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On a brink of extinction

Opinions / Analysis

Strike a conversation with a soccer know-how about the Fijian Soccer League and pause.

The failed poets

Opinions / Analysis

Omar Khan is trying his best to put a positive spin on FANCA team Canada, even when there is nothing positive about the 2014 campaign.

More of the same

Opinions / Analysis

The Fijian Soccer League season kick starts Sunday, which means a flurry of usual activity is expected around the designated parks.

Why do people strive for power

Opinions / Analysis

Why do some people strive for power? Why do others strive for fame and recognition? Why do some people fight eagerly to attain status?

The bent FFA rule

Opinions / Analysis

A third game to decide a two-legged home and away Champion versus Champion series featuring the away goals rule - surprise, surprise!

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