Fijian striker, Saula Waqa averts a tackle form Estonia's Madis Vihmaan during their international friendly at ANZ Stadium in Suva, Fiji yesterday. Fiji lost 2-0.FB pic.

Football is back

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Is there a better time than spring for football lovers? summer it is yet the schedules is set for next weekend.

The vegetation begins to appear and eventually warms up to blossom the lower-mainland.

But most importantly, it is finally football season again.

A week, Sunday, football season will officially be under way with a full slate of games at the Bear Creek Park and the North Surrey Oval.

The new season will begin, to pleasure hundreds of Fijians.

Needless to say, it’s a great time to be a football fan.

There are people out there that don’t get the big deal about football. Others grow weary, and tired of the endless number of games.

I, for one, cannot get enough. From the, rivalries, fans to the drama of the FSLGV, I am set until August.

This is the time of year that football fans look forward too.

The competition that will be on display over the next few months enthralls the diehard. It’s about more than just the game.

Football they say brings people together. It’s the pride that comes with your team’s win, and the agony that comes with a loss. It’s everything that is good about sports.

For the players, the quest is to win the League title, the Knockout championship and the grand-daddy of all tournaments, the IDC and that what makes every game an interesting one.

The pride is enormous and it extracts the best out of the players and keeps them management busy.

Not only is the game itself entertaining, it’s that feud and the time you spend with people who mean the most to you.

I love watching football with the games know- how’s, it’s just me, those that not only played the game but understand it all.

It’s fun to root with each other for your favorite team, or to root against one another, just for the fun of it.

Attending a football game is something different all in itself. It’s the cool air, the smell of the concession stand, the popping of the pads, the whistles, the coaches yelling, the rowdy fans and did I say the chilled beverages, well the drink of choice that is, hint, hint and for some it's that drink that takes them to the park.

I know that football is not for everybody, and not everyone enjoys football. Some argue it is no more a family event, for they ever blame the ’languages’ of the irate, vulgarity and curse that is on the fly.

Well, let's hope people have grown out of the bad habits and make as they say, the beautiful game, inclusive for all, where mothers, sisters, young and old get treated with respect while enjoying the games.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for me between now and August, you know where to find me. On my couch, or on the sidelines watching some type of football.

Happy football season everybody.



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