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There is an aura of freshness following the election of Jaimud Dean as the president of the British Columbia Muslim Sports Association.

The familiar fixture of the organization was elected during the annual congress.

Dean,who has diligently served BCMSA for many years, brings professionalism and will certainly raise the profile of the association.

The change in the leadership was forthcoming,the charged up many on the board wanted a breath of fresh hope as the general feeling was the BCMSA was headed nowhere under the previous leadership.

Great leaders make things happen.They set standards,strive for excellence and are result-driven individuals but bad leadership not only breeds failure, it causes disasters.

This influenced the members to support for the change as the organization looks to cross into a new era of good governance, integrity and transparency.

It is said the bedrock of Deanís election is that he has the leadership qualities, approachable and likeable, a gender quality that was a miss under out going leadership.

While the new leader brings a new sense of belonging, but he must be mindful of the fact the house is yet not completely awash as there are still a few who could possibly incite division and breed ill- feeling as happened in the past.

Some of the very who through the insider mongering were behind the downfall of Basir Patel and now Zarim Khan, are the far and few returnees and could well bring down the Dean leadership, only time will tell.

Now it is up to Jaimud Dean to identify the wrongs but more importantly be strong with his beliefs and thwart the coup culture that has become a part of the BCMSA fabric.

This very culture comes about every FANCA years, when cash strapped wing of the association is held hostage against the money bags, who take over the governance for the name of it.

Dean has seen them all, for he now needs to implement all the high-minded reforms aimed at making the changes so more of the same doesnít happen following the years of uncertainty.

Some had already criticized the reforms under the last leadership as not going far enough.

But could we have really expected any more from the last board than a small step forward?

Anyway, pretty much everybody who voted stressed that enacting the reforms they did wanted, would be just the beginning of cleaning up some of the act - and that implementing them quickly is of the essence.

Now that Dean got the job that he traveled so far to get, it's time for him to deliver.



+1 #1 Lesson 2017-06-06 17:10
The BCMSA is a bad run organization, it always been one! The joint is run by people who think they know everything but in fact have no knowledge about the business. Zarim thought he was like FIFA president Sepp Blatter, look where is he today. Every rise has a fall!!

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