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Omar Khan is trying his best to put a positive spin on FANCA team Canada, even when there is nothing positive about the 2014 campaign.

Another opportunity lost, another chance to win the championship gone over pressing issues stemming after the last tournament.

The successful former manager and technical director of the British Columbia Muslim Sports Association is being used, a 'lack of a better description'.

The recurring problem is whenever the head honchos find themselves in a murky situation like the one at hand and in previous years, they leapfrog to the best for solutions.

I'm dismayed by the fact that years of disjointed organization has tarnished the visions of the great pioneers who built the BCMSA ground up from struts to sticks.

The ideology set in motion by late Kalandar, Chris and Azad Khan and a whole host of others is under siege by ambitious prophets.

At the center of all negativity is the shortsighted governance and power driven caucus.

The dissatisfaction and wrangling never seems to die out, what has though in over last dozen years is unity and progress.

The division among the BCMSA is man made, for it doesn't take a genius to figure-out who incites the rift which is pretty rife.

Just this past week a learner-ed friend of mine blamed the previous leadership of the mess, said the reminiscence of his tenure is being felt by the new governance.

I let him have his few minutes, later reminded that no matter how corrupt or tainted the dealings were over the said, the predecessor in a real democratic governance takes both the oath of the office and the oath of the allegiance.

The Oath of office reads, "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.Oath of allegiance. "I swear (affirm) allegiance to the to the Statute in such case of the BCMSA , and to the Constitution. I swear (affirm) that I will faithfully perform the duties my office lays upon me. 

That being the read, the ownership of the previous dealings is transferred, and the new leader assumes responsibility.

I may have stretched my explanation by a tad hair, but in all essence by the end of conversation my friend changed his tune from a champion of the governance to a critic.

Point is, had the poets reached out to the very people who were unhappy over the affairs of the previous leadership and addressed as said by one marquee in the Sportsone story headlined 'FANCA Canada chaos' the situation would have not escalated to its worst.

Let be know the player's who are holding out have a legitimate grievance and had Khan been handed over the responsibility post 2012 FANCA I'm sure calmer heads would have prevailed and governance wouldn't have had to look to the make shift team that is on the go for the 2014 FANCA tournament.

The laxity of it all have the former officials, players and fans blowing stem at the failed few to redress the problem.

Let be know my tilt is towards them players who feel there is no need to waste their time for an organization that only reaches out every two year's around FANCA.

I might add that I have spoken to over half a dozen 2012 team Canada FANCA players and every single player is crying afoul over the last two tournaments based on unjust and improper treatments at the hands of the people in positions.

Seven of the eleven irate players told Sportsone that they're seen as objects of unjust. They feel the lime churning policy makers have become to self-centered and that they have put themselves before the association.

The understanding among the 7 is, Khan, who commands respect would have negotiated the stand-off at the outset.

The holdouts say Khan who rides adulation of young and old had them almost change their views for a return, but the agony of last two events have had them resent.

The grope say the governance needs to grow out of taking players for a ride and be more responsible and  professional in their approach if they want them  to reconsider their positions for future FANCA events.

On a note, Canada has always fielded a formidable side since the inception of the FANCA tournament in 1997. The maple leaf representatives have a grand record of winning the championship in 2001 and finishing second in treble tournaments, including the inaugural tournament at home in 1997, 2010 in the USA and 2012 in Fiji.

"The challenge of governance is to be strong but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly”.



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