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It is now only a matter of hours before the Vodafone Fiji 7s side kicks off its HK 7s title defence against last year's runners-up Wales at the 2014 HSBC/Cathay Pacific sponsored 7th leg of the World 7s series at So Kon Po.

Knowing the hope of an entire nation rests on their shoulders, the gladiators held a private traditional prayer ceremony and jersey presentation at the famous Marco Polo Hotel in Kowloon city of Hong Kong this evening.

A handful of fans had gathered at the Hotel to show their support, eagerly awaiting for the warriors to head down to the lobby to greet them.

A chant of "Go Fiji Go..ooooohhhhh..Go Fiji Go" broke out aloud as the hotel staff were left in awe to wonder. Little did they know Team Fiji was in the house!

The never say die attitude of our 7s Spartans was boosted further with the presence of Fiji's ambassador to Korea, Honorable Filimoni Kau.

Sportsone caught up with the ever young Setafano Cakau, Joeli Lutumailagi, Waisea Nacugu, Samu Saqiwa and crafty Benito Masilevu who expressed sincere gratitude for the die hard fans who had turned up at Marco Polo.

"We are humbled by the support and will definitely put everything on the line come game time," highlighted Masilevu.

"Not letting this one go easy," were the words from the recalled rover Joeli Lutumailagi.

We have all witnessed how religion and its values effect the very core of our players, we have also seen them lose control of their emotions and shed tears at every beat of the national anthem...time and again from Noa Nadruku's over the head, Serevi's under and between the legs, Tomasi Cama's galloping run, Delasau's side steps, Viliame Satala's bone crushing tackles and William Ryder's twinkle toes, we have seen the Fijian's set the pitch ablaze...we need to see that one more time!


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