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Football future bright

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THE newly formed South Pacific Soccer Academy is looking to the future.

And their primary focus is on the training and development of youth footballers, boys and girls.

Javid Khan who has been a strong proponent of football development, was appointed the head coach.

His appointment sure suggests the future of youth players looks promising.

And in the ever growing sport, it is fair understanding that proper training and development would only breed footballers for years to come.

It could also open up many doors through opportunities and exposure.

Khan, a product of local development, horned his skills playing the game under great coaches and had a short stint in England.

He is one of the very few Canadian Fijians that used development programs to enhance and craft a successful footballing career.

Khan has been a marquee player for over a decade and it is only fitting that he passes his knowledge to the youths of the community.

Besides Khan, Nicholas Prasad is another player to have come out of the academy.

The Vancouver Whitecaps FC U-18 Residency standout, just this past week signed with the Bischofswerdaer FV 08 of the Bundesliga League in Germany.

Prior to that, Nicholas played for FC Tulsa, a tier two division of the American Professional League , where he had been a standout.

He is the only Canadian born Fijian footballer to represent Fiji national football team.

What is also great about the academy is that it helps players maintain perspective into an “athletic identity,” become ‘self-worth and draw confidence” of playing competitive football.

The upside of the South Pacific Soccer Academy is that it has no affiliation with any other organizations, clubs, including the Fijian League.

For the academy to succeed, it needs to be kept away from the fringes of power.

Or else, so much for the training, development, exposure and the future of local footballers.

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