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FFA has coaches' back

Opinions / Analysis

IF you are a premier district football coach in the country, you need not worry about the standard of the sport in the country.

The Fiji FA certainly has your back.

CEO, Mohammed Yusuf made for a good argument during an exclusive interview that the sport is headed in the right direction with the quality accredited coaches in the country.

And in an unabated defense for the coaches who were mentioned in the analysis headline’ ‘Our Coaches Lack Vision, Tactics’, he criticized for the lack of facts in the article.

Lautoka coach Ravinesh Kumar, Labasa’s Ronil Lal and Nadi’s Kamal Swamy were called out for being the biggest failures of the 2020 Battle of the Giants tournament.

“Ravinesh Kumar, Ronil Lal and Kamal Swamy are the best and most learned coaches in the country”, he said.

“These men are highly rated and accredited”.

But what Yusuf failed to understand is that with Kumar, Lal and Swamy behind the benches, their teams didn’t go on to win the championship and it is a reflection of their lack of vision, tactics and the technical know-how of the game.

Lautoka didn’t win a single game during the pool matches, Labasa had mixed results, yet failed to qualify for semifinals and Nadi after leading for most part, gave it all away in the last few minutes of the game for 1-2 loss.

Now if Kumar, Lal, and Swamy are the attributes of the best coaches in the country, why were they not considered for the national football head coaches’ job.

Why are these learned men inferior to foreigner, Flemming Serritslev, and those many before him.

If only words backup, the trio, should have been the firsts to be considered for the position, would not that be a fair argument.

Given these men are the best coaches in the country, is it a brainer not to consider them, or is it.

The fact is, and the governance may not admit it but there is that general understanding that local coaches do not have what it takes to be the head coach.

They are unfit, and I get it, but then why cannot I label the very as I did in my analysis.

It sure is strange, and of all not to consider Kumar for the job as he holds the A- License coaching certificate, the highest ranked coach in the country.

He was the Technical Director and was the ideal candidate for the position.

But one could have always asked, what technical expertise did he have to ride over Christopher Gamel, who had made news for all the wrongs reasons.

For decades now, offshore coaches have held the position of the head coach who have off all things, enjoyed their stay, made money, only to leave the sport ever deteriorating.

For now, it is the Flemming Serritslev tenure, enough of Christopher Gamel and Frank Farina, who were all football’s ‘failed poets.

What is rather beyond anyone is that here is an organization that stands to argue about how great and qualified local coaches are, yet when it comes to national head coach, it always gives preference to foreigners.

For FFA, it is easier said than done.

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