Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Attitude wins Suva league title

Opinions / Analysis

WE have heard this before, but it is well worth repeating.

That in football, it is not talent alone that brings a team’s success, but the right attitude.

And to ingrain attitude, it takes a good football coach.

While the Flow Valves Suva football side have much to be proud of as their hard work and dedication paid off, by winning the 2020 Vodafone Premier League, they couldn’t have possibly reached the arc of league glory without their head coach.

Babs Khan’s consistency, mentoring and modeling of the team deserves a great deal of credit.

It is his coaching and the character of the players that enabled Suva to perform the way they did.

Babs put in place a model characteristic of determination, learning from ones’ (and others) mistakes, overcoming setback, working as a team, and desiring to give 100 percent game in and out.

He was spot on when he said it, “I got the best out of the players, and they got the best out of me”.

Bab’s has been more player centered coach who facilitate players enjoyment of the game.

And that said, he helped them recognize the drawback of the 1-0 BOG final loss to Rewa, the failed IDC run, in which the team did not make the semifinal, but yet worked them to remain focused to win the league, last they won in 2014.

Suva’s league record of, 7-6-1, for 27 points wins them the title on goals for and against, versus Rewa, who were equal on points.

The archrivals were in a contest up until the decider game, against Lautoka, who gave a comfortable 3 goal first lead and lost on a 5-3, goal galore.

For Babs, the league title is the culmination of attitude and hard work, earning them a spot in the OFC Championship League.

And win the Fiji FACT tournament.

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