Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Sweeping changes to FANCA tourney

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FANCA president Mohammed Yusuf.FANCA president Mohammed Yusuf.The newly elected FANCA president Mohammed Yusuf said Saturday that he will bring about detailed reforms to the FANCA Federation.


Yusuf told Radio S1 Dhamaka of the reform agenda during his first interview following his election last month.


“I have made my intentions clear to my executive committee colleagues of the road map,” said Yusuf.


The former Fiji Football Association honcho was quite composed while answering to some tough questions from Sportsone reporter.


Yusuf said he will push for sweeping changes during his two year tenure as the head of the FANCA Federation.


"We’ll set up three task force committees to look at ways to enhance FANCA to its possible best.


“We’re eying a media laden promotion group to promote the event, a sponsorship committee to make us financially strong  and a committee to work closely with schools and get them to participate in the future events”.


The New Zealander says FANCA has taken a beating over the years on many pressing issues, and it’s about time the organization stands up among the elites and serves the purpose the pioneers’ had envisaged.


Yusuf says he is alarmed by the interpretation that the week-long event is about binge partying and disobeying the rule of the religion.


“We must foremost understand that we’re participating in a religious meet and we must refrain from the use of obscene languages, taunts, threats and abstain from the use of alcohol.


“That’s the reason I have suggested the formation of a 'Dawah’ group to be put in place. This is to educate the essence of the teachings of the religion”, said Yusuf.


Yusuf strongly feels the four overseas nations, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America certainly deserve some sort of break as cost borne factor is colossal.


“We must find a way to facilitating nations for value, like  travel and logistics and add to the prize money for all the divisions.


“It costs dearly for association to travel and I feel us as FANCA there is a dire need to help these nations”, Yusuf said.


When asked why Fiji was again chosen as the 2016 host nation, Yusuf said the decision was made on the behest of Fiji’s Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama and Attorney General Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum.


“The government promised financial help during the 2014 FANCA tournament.


“This was a positive undertaking on the part of the government of the day. We felt there was something for us to consider, It's when a decision was made to have Fiji host its third consecutive tournament".


Yusuf has though, said other nations have the right to bid as hosts for future FANCA tournaments.


The president added he was not impressed with the standard of refereeing in Fiji, let alone the complaints he received from teams, added he will be meeting up with the referees coordinator  to address the situation ahead of the 2016 FANCA tournament.


"We may even get every nations to provide us with two quality match officals for future tournaments.This will end the referring chaos. I will put forward a proposal before my board", he said.


Yusuf summed up the interview by saying that the future of the FANCA Federation is bright.

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