Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Krishna goes under the knife

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Tanoa FC, star Kamlesh Krishna (R) will get operation done to repair his knee.Tanoa FC, star Kamlesh Krishna (R) will get operation done to repair his knee.Tanoa defender Kamlesh Krishna will go under the knife to repair his knee next week and is expected to be out for four tosix months.

The Fiji All-Stars centre back, who sustained the injury playing against Iran at the Nations Cup in July, has yet to make his competitivereturn and its something of an embarrassment on the Fijian Soccer League.

"Krishna will undergo surgery ... next Tuesday in Vancouver to repair his anterior-cruciate-ligament-acl,"Manager Praveen Adrakar told Sportsone.

"The estimated recovery time is four tosix months."

Krishna has struggled with injury post Nations Cup and Adrakar fired back at the FSLGV saying the league threw the star player 'under the bus'.

"Krishna is struggling to make the ends meet following his injury.

"The least the FSLGV could have done was to help Krishna financially. He got injured while playing for the All-Stars side".

Adrakar said Subarmani Reddy (Babba) is another player who was seriously hurt while playing for team Fiji.

"Babba received multiple fractures to his cheek bone. The league turned its blind eye on him as well".

Adrakar is calling on the league to be more compassionate by taking care of those that sustain injury while playing for the Nations Cup team.

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