Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Hundreds farewell 'Joy' Ali

Fiji Sports

Famed Boxer Zulfikar 'Joy' Ali died on Monday.Famed Boxer Zulfikar 'Joy' Ali died on Monday.A Hundreds of people from all walks of life farewelled the late welterweight boxing champion Joy Ali in an emotional funeral service at Nadi on Monday night.

Regarded as Fiji's golden boy of the ring in 1990s, Ali failed to survive his biggest fight after he died at the Colonial War Memorial hospital early Monday morning.

Police said Ali committed suicide three weeks ago after a family dispute.

Boxing Commission of Fiji West director Usman Ali Lale said the late boxer had made a name for himself in the boxing ring.

Lale said Ali had taken the name of the country to newer heights and his legacy would be etched in the Fiji boxing history book.

"He was a pride for our country and was recognised internationally and locally," said Lale.

"Joy has taken a name of the country to another level and he will always be remembered by his close friends, relatives and opponents."

Lale said the Ali had also left behind a good lesson for aspiring boxers.

"If there is one thing that Joy has left behind for his fans and upcoming boxers I believe it would be the commitment and the passion he has for the sport."

"He is one of the fittest boxers I have come across and he will be sadly miss his loved ones. On behalf of the boxing commission and the boxing fans we thank Ali for the memories."

Lale said tributes and condolence messages kept flowing in from members of the public and former boxers locally and internationally.

Ali started his boxing career when he was 16 years old and later won his first title two years later.

He also scooped a total of 13 titles in six different weight categories.

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