Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Journos mourn 'Joy's death

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Famed Boxer Zulfikar 'Joy' Ali died on Monday.Famed Boxer Zulfikar 'Joy' Ali died on Monday.The death of boxer Zulfikar 'Joy' Ali earlier this week has among others, two journalists mourn his death.


Asuad Ali and Sunil Sharma say they couldn't believe a so noble soul would choose to end his life the way he did.


The media personals who interviewed ‘Joy’ on a number of occasions, are trying to come to terms with the passing away of the famed athlete.


"It came as a shock ", said Asuad with a nod of approval from Sharma.


He said the 36- year, who debuted in 1995 was indeed a pleasure to interview as he was very humble and handled some tough questions with pure ease.


“The name says it, 'Joy', he certainly was just that, and he was a down to earth athlete”.


Asuad said if prizefighting adds up to a montage of cruelty and courage, fame and fear, Joy's life was representative.


“Joy realized the power of his fists early on, and then glimpsed the heights to which they could carry him.


“Perhaps bad decision had him end his life”, he said.


The Sportsone reporter added that ‘Joy transcended the sports and put Fiji on the World rankings.


“Despite the circumstances surrounding his death, Joy will always be a warrior he had been”.


Sharma, like the latter , has written about the fallen when he was with Radio Fiji.


He said 'the golden boy' label fitted well with Zulfikar 'Joy' Ali's profile.


“Joy ploughed through the weight-class in 1995 in his debut fight against Ajay Singh to establish himself as the next big thing for boxing ", said Sharma.


“Between 1995- 2009, he beat a parade of fighters to earn a ranking of 15th in the WBC welterweight champion class.  It’s a remarkable feat that no other boxer has achieved this far”.


Sharma  said the death probably eased his disappointment but will never erase the talent and the person he was.

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