Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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U17s death spark uproar

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Locals expressed disgust at FFA for U17 player Shalit Muni Reddy's death.Locals expressed disgust at FFA for U17 player Shalit Muni Reddy's death.The drowning death of U17 national team midfield Shalit Muni Reddy in Samoa has sparked uproar with the local soccer fans on the lower mainland.


Many expressed outrage at the circumstance surrounding the star players' death.


The listeners of Radio S1 Dhamaka, a sister company of this website which aired a 3- hour special tribute in memory of the fallen last Sunday, blamed  U17 team management and the Fiji Football Association for the laxity during the excursion trip on the Island of Savaii.


Radio S1 Dhamaka CEO, Sofran Shah said the vox-popui was unanimous, that the very people tasked for the safety and the wellbeing of the player failed, resulting in the loss of innocent life.


“The 3 hour show was very emotional”, said Shah. “It was gravely solemn by the  fact the listeners were rendered a wailing mothers plea for answers into her eldest son's death while under FFA custody”.


“Our listeners heard about Shalit’s passion and the desire to be the best. He had hoped to play top fight soccer in Fiji and had set sight for overseas contract.


“I have been inundated with the feedback. Many say the show was very emotional and there were no dry eyes”, Shah said.


Shah said Radio S1 Dhamaka's Hawaii based Rj RG (Riten Gosai) heaped praises by hordes for hosting the show.


Gosai was joined by season journalist Asuad Ali, both condemed the Fiji Football Association for Shalit's death.


Ajesh Raj, a Surrey resident told Sportsone that he is troubled by the 17-year old player's death.


He said the Shalit' special on Radio S1 Dhamaka was like a 'teething pain yet very soleum.


“I didn’t know this kid, but I will tell you this much that for a player to loose his life the way Shalit did dosen't make sense.


“What is beyond me is the player was in unfamiliar terriority and dove into uncharted-waters without any swim lesson on his back".


Raj said the U17 team management simply ignored safety.


"There needs to be a fine tooth comb investigation into the death of Shalit Muni Reddy so the family gets some closure".


Radio S1 Dhamaka has dedicated the entire weeks programming to Shalit Muni Reddy.

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