Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Hordes head to Las Vegas

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Local Fiji 7s fans in numbers are headed to USA Sevens in Las Vegas.Local Fiji 7s fans in numbers are headed to USA Sevens in Las Vegas.While many will be fixated to the TV screens, 1000 plus Canadian Fijian sevens fans will be shouting themselves hoarse right where the action is - Las Vegas Sevens.

The Fiji 7s plimerages will include first-timers, regulars: but as D-Day approaches, all of them are willing the clock to tick faster.

Mosese Mawi and his wife Alisi of Surrey have not missed a Las Vegas 7s since the inaugural event.

The couple say they just can't wait to be part of the raucous backdrop of Fijians at Sam Boyd Stadium.

"We have made it a ritual to be up and close to the USA 7s and support Fiji", said the Mawis'.

The former Sawani, Naitasiri couple say they've been Fiji sevens fans for over four decades, pledged to remain loyal through thick and thin.

"We will not trade a thing when it comes to supporting Fiji. Win or loose our loyality will not be wavered".

Delta residents, Samuel Ram and Ajesh Naidu say they're one sleep away from leaving for Las Vegas.

"Fiji is in our hearts.We will give our all", said both Ram and Naidu. "There will be no shortage of cheer".

The two are tad worried about Fiji's Wellington 7s results adding different legs spring a new level of optimism.

Ram is a frequent while Naidu is on his maiden trip.

"I'm ready to balloone my lungs for my roots", said Naidu.

"Fiji is assured of our euphoric cheer. We will join other Fijians and bring the rafters down", Ram told Sportsone.

Among other first-timers is Babu Jattan, who is travelling with a cousin and two trucker friends.

"The last Cup, we had tried, but couldn't make it. So, we are determined this time", said Jattan.

"We had been planning our finances for the trip since last. We will be very vocal and Fiji can depend on our honest support".

Fiji is pooled with Wellington 7s winners New Zealand, Wales and Samoa.

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