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FFA heartless: Mum

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Shalit Muni Reddy's mother Salochna Reddy labels FFA as heartless.Shalit Muni Reddy's mother Salochna Reddy labels FFA as heartless.The wailing mother of the deceased U17 national team member Shalit Muni Reddy has labelled Fiji Football Association as cold and heartless.

Salochna Reddy told Sportsone that FFA should man-up and tell the truth surrounding her sonís death.

She says while the very people who were suppose to take care of her son wakeup to their children (s) everyday, they're deprived of their God given gift through negligence.

"My sonís teammates are home to their families and here we're?left to mourn our eldest son with every?fibre of our being".

She said they're having sleepless nights and constantly haunted by the fact that her son is not coming home any more.

"How do you think a mother feels?" she asked. "The pain of losing a child couldn't be described.

"You have a good 16 year-old, athletic and full of life disappear from the surface of the earth because the very people in position failed".

Mrs Reddy said its agonizing feeling not knowing the truth behind her sonís demise.

"We?hear different stories about my sonís death", said Mrs Reddy.

The one on the float the most, she says is that Shalit wondered off to relieve himself and dove into the pool arbitrarily.

Mrs Reddy admitted hearing other stories as well, like he dove in?the out of bound?area of the swimming pool and then there is that team head count twist that didnít add up following the excursion trip to Savaiií.

"Itís all hear, say. We want to know the truth as the many reasons simply donít fit my sonís profile.

"Rime a reason, nothing adds up. What they telling us is Shalit was a complete dumb and that he broke free out of the pack on pure will and died".

Mrs Reddy says what got the better of her was when one of sonís teammates called her up about the belongings he had bagged including his wallet that had $40.

She said the teammate left it to the?management for the delivery but itís a shame the cash got jacked.

"$40 isnít much but you would think how low some can someone scoop and steal off a dead person", she asked.

What else gets Mrs Reddy nauseated is that Shalitís mobile phone, which was recovered, is still amiss.

"I was told the mobile was badly damaged. I careless how bad of a shape it is in, I need it as I hold my sonís personal stuff dear to me, that far and few means a world to me. ?

"The SIM card is off significance here", she added. ?

Mrs Reddy added that Shalitís death is beyond the call of national duty and she wants justice served.

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