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Kumar leads new look NCL

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New cricket body, NCL appoints new bossNew cricket body, NCL appoints new bossThe appointment of Atish Kumar as the new president of National Cricket League presents the sports another chance to change its marked image of†corruptions.

The new leader oozes confidence and may just be the antidote that will breath life into cricket once again.

Kumar's appointment stemmed after the adoption of the new constitution by the incoming board mostly made up of former NCL delegates.

The new president praised the new NCL board for vesting trust and giving him a two year mandate.

"I'm thrilled with the new appointment but I may first pay gratitude to the very members of this new board who saw goodness in me to head the NCL", said Kumar.

"I have my work cut-out as we need to off all things bring about the unity and trust top-down if we're to be successful.

"We have 'like mindsí on board and together we'll work for the good of the league and the game".

Kumar, who was former Vancouver Albion's manager, is largely seen by hordes as the whistle blower of the many irregularities and the corruptions of the first year and now the defunct former NCL body.

His findings led to six teams quitting the league on suspicion of fraud and insider mongering by then president Ravi Lal.

"We must be mindful of the fact that no office bearers, how high in position own any association", he said. "We must see ourselves as its loyal servants and we must exercise the powers governed by the constitution".

Kumar says most leaders seem to think that they're bigger than the institution and it's the very reason why many local sporting associations don't score well among its people.

"We need to beat off the power phenomenon. We must see every team, individual and the stakeholders as one, only then we'll be successful otherwise we will be no different from them few association that have folded over the years or are running on life support".

Kumar's first order will be to formulate a working committee to once again rejuvenate cricket and invite interests for the start of the new new NCL season.

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