Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Fijians hyped up for Tokyo 7s Fijians hyped up for Tokyo 7s Unless you’re Fijian, you don’t understand the undying love that is attached with sevens rugby.


You don’t understand the passion behind Fijians love for their 7s rugby, a sport so popular that has a rich history. You don’t understand the reverence, the loyalty and the love.

But if you are Fijian ? Then you know, fans say. You were born into the madness. It stirs in your soul. Boils in your blood.

And perhaps nowhere does it boil any hotter than in the heart of Mahesh Nath and Rajen Lal.

That is why the two Surrey-rites have left for Japan to root for Fiji.

As proud Fijians, they will wear their signature replica jersey and are ready to lead cheers, singing songs or ripping off their shirts.

The recent form and back to back skinning of New Zealand, Fiji’s worst nemesis or ask a Kiwi, they feel the pinch of the label have the two buzzing with excitement.

But when you’re Fijian.

The two tap their chest.

“When you have the passion for the game?” they say. “There’s nothing holding your emotions. The feeling is in your heart.”

Nath says Coach Ben Ryan has perfected the game, not that Fiji had not won championships before, but both the offensive and the defensive plays have improved.

“In a very short time Ryan has upped the standard”, said Nath.

“The team brings a winning attitude on the field.

“Let’s be honest our defensive play was a shot. Look at the change”.

Lal is impressed at the whole nine yards play.

“No slacking off from the very get go”, he told Sportsone.

He says should Fiji continue its form Japan 7s will be Fiji’s to cherish.

“You’re going to feel it real, real, real loud at the stadium”, he says. “And when you in the heart of the action the feelings are something, you will feel the passion, and you will start dancing with every plays, tries and tackles.

And that national anthem "Blessing grant oh God of nations on the isles of Fiji . As we stand united under noble banner blue. And we honour and defend the cause of freedom ever.Onward march together. God bless",  inundates the love for the former home.

Vancouver is a huge 7s fan base and come next year, the fans will be watching the home team home live at the BC Place stadium.

Fiji has been pooled with Wales, England and Hong Kong. Fiji opens its campaign against Wales.



+3 #2 #VitiNoquVituRiten Chand Gosai 2015-04-03 14:23
I couldn't agree more Alam..!!
The passion for 7s rugby oozes out of every unites us like nothing else does..!!
Neat piece I say, uncle..!!
+2 #1 7s at heart 2015-04-03 13:46
What an article,Asuad you have given this piece a new high on your writings. Honestly you exposed our love for the game that continues to proud us in the rugby world. Best one mama!!!
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