Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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A new season minus the best

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Tanoa FC team members. File Picture  Tanoa FC team members. File Picture The Fijian Soccer League is set to kick start its 2015 summer league a week today at the Bear Creek Park in Surrey.


And while there will be no shortage of action, the absence of the games fiercest competitor club will be sadly missed.

The Tanoa Football Club who had been an integral part of the Fijian soccer for well over 3 decades has quit the league. The space created will never be filled.

The championship synonymous club was not only consistence but produced quality players known for adroit skills.

The ‘lacklustre league’ label is fitting factor for the all to famous yellow attire side to join the Richmond Premier League.

President Sailesh Mishra didn't mince a word when he made the sub-standard claim to Sportsone last year.

He must be praised for taking a ‘stand-alone’ stance on progress rather than supporting a bandwagon of ambitious core.

The love-hate relationship between the games bests and the fib must be shoulderd by the governance.

Mishra cited costs, lack of development and players safety cover for a timely walk.

The coffers none-committal on many pressing issues is fast getting noticed and the ride high phenononun is nothing but a dress-rehearsal.

A leading and reputable soccer insider who knows the league inside-out couldn’t have better summed it.

“The clubs raise sizable funds only to play in an overrated and ever expensive league that is nothing but loosing respect. The league is made up of self-centred”, quite the analysis on the part of the know-how.

Now with remaining 6 premier clubs, the Fijian League’s foremost Masters Division arguably holds the league’s core status.

The age drying veterans must be credited for keeping the beautiful game alive and for a quip, how many other soccer leagues’ in Canada and around the globe that you know hold that status. Your guess is good as mine.

If majority rules as per world  consensus then the much awaited declaration awaits but stubbornness has an order if you will.

Mishra's view and that of several others have not swayed the power players to ladder down their highs and should the trend continue without an amicable solution of abridging the differences, don’t be surprised to see more teams follow TFCs suite in the near future.

The league needs to step up or prepare to step away altogether.

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