Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Premier League: No procession

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Tanoa FC loss may spring FlagstaffTanoa FC loss may spring FlagstaffThe Premier League is no procession this time, with the Tanoa FC out the season is Flagstaff's to lose.

Squeezed between Flagstaff's rise and Tanoa's fall are a mass of dreams for the five clubs who will lace-up on week in and out with some hope of finishing the league, however faint.

The latter's talent has somewhat filtered but nothing to spring in a dominant side or even replicate the proverbial 'men in the yellows' success.

As for Flagstaff winning it all remains to be seen and if memory serves, they haven't won a League and or a Knockout title in the last seven to nine years.

Fiji's brightest soccer mind Ivor Evans believes the loss of TFC from this year’s league leaves Flagstaff to a striking range of claiming supremacy but says it all depended on how much they want it.


Evans told Sportsone that with new inclusions and the likes of starlet Javid Khan and Sagar Swamy, Flagstaff may just be the lone wolf of the competition  who could end years' of anaemic run.


The former Vancouver Whitecaps said the race could get interesting if Combine FC nemesis Viti FC decides to make a statement.

"Let's be honest here there's no substitute for Tanoa", the former Fijian standout said. "But if swirling rumors about Flagstaff acquisitions are true then I have  my reservations”.

Evans said with Rehyaan and Rocket Ismail and Riyaad Rasheed, newbie Viti FC could also stake a fair challenge for a two way battle.

He said Viti FC following the split has earned the core Combine FC players who would like to prove a point by beating the team with a ‘shift in attitude’.

"You would think all eyes is on Flagstaff but Viti FC has what it takes to pose a legitimate title threat", said Evans.

Evans added that any suggestion that Tanoa's loss will not be felt by the fans and the league is preposterous.

"The fans will rue the brisk style, tiki-taka play and the commradrie of Tanoa.

"The team not only upped the standard of the game but was a dominant side for three decades. And without them the league will not be the same. Tanoa was Fijian soccer leagues foremost face", he said


“Tanoa sported the deepest and most impressive squad in its 30 year tenure”.

Evans quipped, for Flagstaff to prove its worst it needs to return to their macho past at the expense of creativity and style if they're hit the podium this season.

The side finished the season second in 2012 to Tanoa and last season the club finished fifth in the seven team league.

Evans admitted the interest level among premier ball players are dying out and feels the onus is on the league to somehow resurrect the sport.



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No procession just about sums it all...
What FFA to Fiji soccer, FSLGV is to Vancouver soccer. lets get on the wagon to denounce these two organizations..
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