Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Tavua Masters calls it quitTavua Masters calls it quitNo one would argue that despite the fold, the name Tavua Masters Football Association is not about to fade away anytime soon.

For the simple reason the founding father of the team ' the gentle giant', Quddous Hussein passed away during a league match in 2006, nine years ago.

The event of that sad day is fresh in minds of his friends, foes, and neutrals and forever etched with the soccer fraternity.

The passing of the noble heart is a first in the world of Fijian soccer world over.

Hussein played for Nasinu and represented the national side before immigrating to Canada in 1986.

His undying love for 'Gold town' as in his own words were that his grandmother and mother hailed from Tavua and it would a fitting gesture that he return them his favour by ending the career with Tavua even if means taking his last breath in the jersey.

Hussein leapfrogged when opportunity beckoned for an additional team for the Masters League, the visionary’s idea saw the formation of Tavua Masters.

The thought of breaking that one last sweat came in the season ending match against Ba. Incidentally this one game was Hussein's last as he collapsed in plain sight, he was no more.

Fate? I guess works in mysterious ways and death they say is ineluctable. It just that reason varies.


President Mohammed Azam Khan made decision is being championed by hordes.

The team has had problems for years with the lack of interest and commitment and with bosses ailing health the decision came down to fold the team.

The call may 'twist and turn' the vivacious in his eternal sleep if you will, but as in life he favoured all things that did more good than harm, he will be contend with the decision.

Tavua has had some success by way of capturing a double Knockout championship (2005) and (2010).

TMFA is now a long history but one must recognize that those who draped in the golden attire or had an association with the team certainly owe a debt of gratitude to the very man who's simple thought gave people a reason to get out and get involved by playing the grand game of soccer and more importantly lose that extra lipids in exchange for a good health.

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