Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Reddy deprived of famous sports Reddy deprived of famous sports

A soccer player who received serious injury while playing for team Fiji in the Nations Cup says the FSLGV wants him to drop the legal action to play in the league.


Subarmani Reddy, an all-star player on last year’s Veteran's Over 45 team is furious at the league for meddling with the due process.

The ‘bull of a defence man’ told Sportsone that he was taken aback with treasurer Rosie Gopal’s  suggestion that if  he wanted to return to soccer then he needed his lawyer write to the league stating they will not proceed with the legal action.

Reddy said the message was later reiterated by President Nadraj Nair.

“I was first told by treasurer, Rosie Gopal and then president Nadraj Nair that I needed to have my lawyer write to the league that I will not take any action as that would allow me to play in the league”, said Reddy. “I see this as impeding justice”.

Reddy said the head honchos must be mindful of the fact the injury he suffered was while playing for Fiji and the seriousness of it had him shatter his cheek-bone and eye socket in multiple places, go through a phased reconstruction surgery and a permanent scar to his face.

“I got hurt while playing for the Nation’s Cup team and that’s the fact. You would think the league would have your back but it sure sounds otherwise”.

Reddy said he sought legal advice on the behest of Rosie Gopal.

“Rosie Gopal told me that I go see a lawyer as they (FSLGV) have been advised by their lawyer to do so.

“I only acted on Rosie’s advice and now they want me to withdraw the entire case that has the hallmarks of wrong doing”.

President Nadraj Nair in a brief statement said he is aware of Reddy’s situation and admitted their lawyer has advised them to get Reddy’s lawyer to send a letter saying they will not sue the league.

“We don’t want to stop Babba (Reddy) from playing as has been a longstanding member but since we have been mentioned in the lawsuit that precludes us from registering him”, Nair said.

“Reddy can’t sue us or the Nations Cup. It’s just how the rule is. He can sue the player who inflicted harm”.

The former Nadi Masters stalwart’s persistence grind however,  have had some change of heart as Reddy was asked by a league official to submit his registration form for board’s consideration.

“I’ve signed for Combine FC for the O45s. I’m anxiously waiting for the outcome”.  

Reddy says he has run the league’s demand by his lawyer.



+2 #1 Cold 2015-05-16 13:20
Nair and FSLGV's rules seem to supersede the law of the land. His claim that you can't sue either or the two bodies tells you the lack of the knowledge these people have.. "Impeding justice" it is.
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