Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Goal covers pathetic performance

Opinions / Analysis

Marksman Iosefo Verevou's goal seems to have blanketed the pathetic performance of the U20 side during its maiden World Cup match on Monday.

And while no is taking away the youngsters moment in history for being the first Fijian footballer to score at the World Cup, the fact is the 1-8 drubbing overshadows the single celebratory pat for hundreds.

Let's be perfectly honest Fiji is not quite ready to take big teams with its bazaar brand soccer unless that team is of Fiji's quality and made it on the world stage with pure luck.

The first glimpse of any real football mesmerized the youngsters and the FFA. The lack of basic soccer, skills and confidence by the locals must be shouldered by the soccer house.

It's them who failed to saw the fruitless seed from the very get- go.

The agenda riddled governance needs to be inclusive of the fair play that the sport demands, the call for a fair selection process is much needed with quality people at the helm.

Former Fiji Football Association development officer Hussein Sahib in an interview with Sportsone earlier this year said FFA is all about Ba, it's people, their development and the rise.

How ironic that U20 team boasts 7 players and 3 technical staff from the district. Ravinesh Kumar, Salen Lal and Iosefo Vasaboto will definitely return the Men in Black the favor years on.

That favoritism tilt runs deep at all levels.

With that, it simply doesn't take a genius to figure where the major development is focused.

The inclusion of former Australian coach Frank Farina did little to spark the team and by all appearance he certainly found the murky Fijian soccer hard to wade.

Farina's knowledge of the beautiful game and his tactical and technical lace did little to change the vintage style of soccer and besides how many experts before him managed to spring in changes over a period of time?.

A long list of names rolls of the tongue. Surprised?

Following the loss, Farina was quick to unload his frustration on FFA, said the governing body has to learn a lesson from the very loss and sponge in the positives with the introduction of early age development program, a reverberating noise that goes off every time a team finds itself on receiving end of embarrassing loss. Did his outcry fall on deaf ears.?

You may recall, Les Murray, better known as Mr Football in Australia was in Fiji last month and the well respected mentor who transcended the sport in the country identified none development as the major problem in Fiji.

He said results mattered in Fiji, and what he meant was all emphasis was being put on local soccer at district level and not with the nation team.

The notion that a team of Germany's caliber were heads and shoulders above the Oceania champions is reason enough to suggest that failures will always rime a reason following a loss.

The FFA had ample time to prepare the team following their qualifications and had they utilized all the resources and played more quality teams then the result would have been far short of embarrassment.

Hope Fiji beats all odds and pulls off its first ever World Cup win over Honduras.

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