Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Navua retains Knockout title

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Navua Masters clinch back to back knockout titleNavua Masters clinch back to back knockout titleNavua with its exquisitely gifted team-mates were far from a masterclass as they only managed to beat Nadi 1-0 to win its back to back Knockout Championship.

Jan Ali pounced on the lone opportunity within 15 minutes of the first half and when it looked like Navua would score on every rush Nadi held on its own to put them on the back heels.

Navua goalkeeper Sunny Ali made some clutch saves as did Afroz Ali in the opposite net. The two sides had a lionís share of possession hovering at each other's end nothing to excite the pocket of fans.

Jan who was Nadi's hero during last yearís triumphant IDC win said he just did what he had to do that was to help his team win its back to back championship.

"We have an excellent bunch of guys who stick up for one another", said Jan.

"It was a well deserved victory. The win is for all Navuan's".

Nadi player coach Ronald Chaudhary told Sportsone his players played well given the quality they were up against.

"I'm proud of my players", he said.

"5 games in 2 days and the excruciating heat was at times unbearable but itís not per an excuse".

Chaudhary said Najem Zico played through injury.

"Zico, our striker was hurting. He had pulled his hamstring but gave his all".

The former Fijian all-star said Nadi did not seem to care they were facing reputedly the best team in the competition and it was a thrilling thought on the part of the team.

"Navua with the quality is beatable".



-5 #1 Big deal 2015-06-08 13:01
What is so special about Navua who have the best Masters players and yet beat Nadi with just one goal.
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