Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Its all about hard-work : Ali

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Navua Masters Jan AliNavua Masters Jan AliHe is not a big name soccer player and certainly isn't the silkiest yet he is known for his scoring traits.

Jan Ali is a winner synonymous.

The Navua Masters assassin has been the success story since coming into the Masters League and while many would hold separate views, Ali has scored game winners that mattered for the last 2 seasons.

His latest hit clinched his side the back to back Knockout Championship.

The toiler is a simple player, nothing fancy about his style and one who has the knack for scoring crucial goals.

“You don’t have to carry a load of skills to be strikers”, quipped Ali. “It’s all about being at the right place and time and need a little bit of luck".

Ali told Sportsone that he doesn't need public’s nod of approval of the quality player he is.

"Views how good or damning don't bother me. The good you do is between you and your organization and not them critics".

Ali picked up his goal scoring form from where he had left off last year, when he prod in a brace for Nadi during the grand finale of the IDC against Suva, a team made up of core Navua teammates.

"The goal and or the goals are not about personal high."It does make you feel good but what is of a greater value is you play and win as a team”.

Ali said the hallmarks of Navua is unity and the fact it's surrounded by model teammates who have a lot respect for each other and the very 'unity' has made them a dominant team in the league.

“Navua is all about unity and respect”, said Ali. “It’s a special team with very special people at the top".

Ali said with Navua every player is equal who play for pride and not for perks and privileges’ as with some other teams.

“That pay, perk and privileges’ doesn’t fit Navua’s profile”.

Ali says he will try to help his team win the quadruple Masters League title this year.




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Nice piece.Very unselfish comments AJ.
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