Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Referees stand-off

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Fijian soccer referres boycott. FIFA imageFijian soccer referres boycott. FIFA imageThe Fijian soccer referees are adamant about their boycott following an assault on one of its member.

The stand-off has the Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver suspend its competitions indefinitely.

An insider of the league has confirmed to Sportsone that the executives have met behind closed doors to carefully consider all options and find amicable solutions into the hold-out.

The source says there have been some talks at some level but nothing celebratory.

“The referees have made several demands among them a comprehensive insurance cover and security personnel for their protection at all times during a scheduled fixture”.

The demand stems after an assault on its member during the week 6 fixture between Labasa and Tailevu Naitasiri.

Tailevu Naitasiri's Mohammed Imtiaz Khan has been implicated with a brutal assault that ambulanced the young referee to hospital for treatment.

The altercation has certainly been condemned by the entire affiliates of the FSLGV, who feel the league needs to up first fine-tune some of the standing policies to seek a more sportsman like conduct from its membership.

One top Masters Division team manager says while he doesn’t condone the actions, he added the referees have no respect for the Fijian players and their decisions are a many times questionable.

Earlier today the insider told this website that while negotiations are ongoing,most teams have been advised that they may well be asked to provide their own match referee for the FSLGV sanctioned matches.

"We were always seen as a ‘bazaar’ league and if the news is just that then the status have been confirmed what many labelled year’s on off the competitions.“If that does eventuates then why have the FSLGV act as the governance. ‘Bazaar’ is more like the way to go. The Sundays' will be fun without the power players over your shoulders.

"It costs an arm and a leg to play in the league, that is far less giving and to top it off the teams provide their match-officials, biggest joke of the century.

"Referees get assaulted in some form world over and in top premiere leagues, yet there are policies in place to eliminate that with heavy fines to harsh suspensions and life bans.

"The problem here is that FSLGV is a private entity that uses British Columbia Referees Association referees' for its match and their affiliation is with British Columbia Soccer Association and the pressing issue with them is safety".

FSLGV has set aside Sunday for another wave of meetings involving its full board.


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