Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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NAFSA draws teams in numbers

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Sacremanto Combine ready for NAFSA Sacremanto Combine ready for NAFSA North America’s biggest soccer tournament, the North American Fijian Soccer Association tournament has drawn a total of 24 teams across Canada and USA.

Eleven USA teams have for the first time in the history of the games entered the 3 day tournament.

Leading the Premier Division campaign is quadruple champions Sacramento Combine, Sacramento Fiji Islanders Seattle United, Norcal/ Norfolk USA, Sacramento Combine, Seattle Ba and Seattle Town Fijian FC.

Blackhawks Sacramento, Islanders Masters Sacramento, Spartans Kings and Navua Masters Sacramento make up the Masters Division.

Canadian Premier Division sides include 2015 Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver champions Flagstaff FC, Flying Arrows, Civic Club and Viti Club. Four time Masters League champions Navua Vancouver, Samabula, Nadi, Rewa and Labasa are the Canucks hopefuls.

Calgary Fijiana, Calgary Tavua (Premier) and Edmonton and Edmonton Golden Fiji (Masters) makes a small number of province of Alberta representatives.

Chairman of the organizing committee Mukesh Naicker is calling for festive three day event scheduled for Hjorth Park and the North Surrey Oval.

He said Masters Managers meeting will be held on Wednesday while Thursday is set aside for Premier Managers meeting. The tournament will kick start on Friday at the Hjorth Park in Surrey.

The grand prize purse is $4750; with the Premier Division champions cashing in $2000 while the Masters Division Champion receives a $1000. The second place team in the Premier Division will get a $1000.


The second place team in the Masters Division will collect $500. The third and the fourth place teams in the Premier Division is expected to receive $250 each.

Naicker said security will be beefed up and there will be both police and security personnel at the Park. 

Notable exclusion is the Tanoa FC of Vancouver.

Manager Praveen Adrakar said they missed out on the registration deadline.

“Tanoa missed out on the registration deadline set out by NAFSA”, confirmed Naicker.

He said fans can expect a high standard of games during the 3 day event.


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