Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Adrakar blows steam at NAFSA

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Tanoa FC, Manager Praveen AdrakarTanoa FC, Manager Praveen AdrakarTanoa Football Club manager Praveen Adrakar blew steam at NAFSA for not allowing them to play in the cross- border’s premier soccer event.

Adrakar says it’s all about retribution for hosting last year’s CAN-AM tournament in Surrey.

“It all comes down to vengeance”, said Adrakar, who feels the head honchos are simply trying to send a harsh message to TFC”.

He said the NAFSA organizers may not admit it but there is every indication such is the case.

Adrakar has been reliably informed that a vote was also taken to put ‘TFC into place’ and send a stern message for creating a division among the loyalist of the game.

“The CAN AM is the oldest tournament”, he said “It was defunct for a long time. We felt the need to revive it and that’s what we did last year. We had a good tournament but the lack of interest left us with no option but to call it a tournament”.

Adrakar said the NAFSA should put the animosity aside and consider “unity’ as key to the games.

“I called Mukesh Naicker explaining my position and also reminding him to include us on the eleventh hour should a team drops out”, he said “But I was advised he has been given prior commitment and that all teams will participate”

The TFC manager however admits they were asked to enter the tournament through email and his understanding was they could register it a week before the event.

NAFSA organizing Chairman Mukesh Naicker on questions told Sportsone he was never asked by Tanoa to be part of the tournament.

“When I sent Tanoa the invitation in June, they laughed at me and said they are doing CAN-AM. I have emails to prove it”, he said.

“I met with Sy (Sailesh Mishra) a month ago and I was told that they are doing their own tournament and that they have teams confirmed”.

Naicker said he got a call from Praveen (Adrakar) on Tuesday suggesting if some team wanted to come play, can they play?

“I said sorry all teams have paid and the fixtures are done”.

Adrakar said Naicker’s claim that teams had all paid up and the fixtures had been drawn just doesn’t make sense.

“The fixtures are drawn during the managers meeting and not three days ahead”. “It’s a first that I have heard and I have been in soccer business for 44 years”.

He added the TFC has had a great Richmond Regional Summer Soccer League first division season.

The side has finished the league in second spot and clinched the Knockout Championship.

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