Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Islanders forfeit game over threat

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Sacramento Islanders boss Vineshwar Gounder Sacramento Islanders boss Vineshwar Gounder Sacramento Islanders forfeited their semi-final game against Calgary Tavua out of fear and was whisked away under police cover at North Surrey Oval.


The walkout stemmed after their quarter –final shootout win against Flagstaff FC.


President Vineshwar Goundar told Sportsone that a fight broke out at the conclusion of the game after one of his player’s hurled a racial slur on a prospecting Flagstaff FC player.


“I’m told one of my players made a racial comment during the post game handshake and that’s when a fight broke out”, he said. “While I condemn the actions of the player it is my responsibility to provide safety to the team”.


“My players were threatened. Worse enough guns were mentioned”.

Goundar said as players from both the sides milled on the soccer field it’s when he called it a semi-final.

“We were outnumbered by the opposing players at the conclusion of the quarter-final game and with safety first approach we sought police officer’s help to be escorted out of the park.  It’s not worth risking lives and there’s no place for violence in football”.

He urges NAFSA to look into the seriousness of the threats so similar incidents don’t happen in the near future.


“I leave it on NAFSA board to make ruling on the brawl and the ensuing threats. They should be expeditious and without delay”.

Attempts to get a comment from NAFSA chairman Mukesh Naicker proved futile.


Calgary Tavua was awarded the match. They will meet South Bay of America in the grand-finale.

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