Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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NAFSA brawl video goes viral

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The North American Fijian Soccer Association soccer brawl caught on video by a bystander has gone viral on social media.

The heated confrontation reportedly lasts few minutes involving players from Flagstaff FC and Sacramento Islanders soccer teams.

The video shows a number of angry men screaming and throwing punches at each other.

It is believed racial comments started the fight at the conclusion of the quarter-final match that Flagstaff lost in the shoot-out.

Witnesses Sportone spoke to admitted racial profanities fueled the altercation.

Sacramento Islander president Vineshwar Goundar also admitted on questions last Sunday that one of his players' made some sort of racial comment and that sparked the anger.

He said the “mention guns” and the fear of escalating violence made him forfeit their semi-final against Calgary Tavua.

The brawl prompted new questions as to whether the violent behavior is the result of lack of security and police at the three day event.

Surrey resident Mahesh Naidu offered a unique perspective concerning the violence, saying, “The soccer players off all things need police and security at Fijian sporting events.  We have seen a culture of sports violence in the community before and it’s about time the organizers use the resources towards public’s safety”.

“A few thousand dollars won’t hurt the pocket. Loss of lives and injuries would forever inflict pain on the loved-ones".

NAFSA chairman Mukesh Naicker didn’t respond to email requests for comment.




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NAFSA is MUCH like FSLGV, run by ego driven and less qualified for the job. Don't except any suspensions or fines anytime soon.
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