Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Canadian All-Stars lag tactical lace

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All Star goalkeeper Wasim Khan ( File Picture) All Star goalkeeper Wasim Khan ( File Picture) Canadian All-Stars soccer team stands absolutely no chance of matching the technical and tactical lace that will be on the offer during the Pacific Cup.

The good measure is the leagues failed effort on development of raw talent, funding and lack of accredited coaches.

The far and few marquees that are available have been drafted from foreign school of excellence. The league is contend with poaching rather than looking to the future by giving development a priority.

The underrated coaches among other things have not helped the beautiful game. These less know-how’s of the sport must put the blame on the Fijian League, as it is them who failed to provide the necessary coaching certification.

While there isn't any hope of changing the mindset of the very people to be strategically self-reliant, the decision to partake in the Pacific Cup would not only put the novice in the spot light but could possibly embarrass them in the high energy churning tournament.

Jas Singh, who featured in two Fiji Cup Challenge tournaments in Fiji (1996-1998), under Fiji Football Association of BC, holds similar views about the standard of local soccer and the decision to participate the Pacific Cup.

The former All-Star feels the players will be overwhelmed by the glamour and the competitions of the tournament.

“We took the best possible team twice to Fiji, including imports yet the results were unfavourable”, he said. “ The game evolved so much that players in Fiji now have been exposed to big and better stage, like the U20 World Cup and soon to be Rio Olympics.

“Our players are not yet ready for the level of competitions’ that will be on the offer.

“The other thing is that Fijian players’ physique and that of the other teams will definitely pose a huge challenge”.

Jas said the player’s must be reminded of Ba’s commradrie when Fiji All-stars, made up of local players faced   them in the ‘Battle of the Titans’ soccer tournament during the Fiji Day Celebrations in 2011.

He said the marked difference then was obviously skills, style and guile and it won’t be much of a difference this time around. The Pacific Cup tournament will be held in Auckland, New Zealand in November.


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