Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Parity needed in FFA: Prasad

Fiji Sports

FFA Presidential candidate Salendra Prasad left FFA Presidential candidate Salendra Prasad left Fiji Football Association presidential hopeful Salendra Prasad has made it clear that he will change the way business is conducted at soccer’s governing body.

The former Lautoka Football Association boss says he will bring about professionalism top down and hold parity, trust and transparency among other things highlighted in the manifesto as the benchmark of his leadership.

“The football house hasn’t change in the last 3 decades”, he said “If I’m elected I will clean up the sport and back it up with my blue-print promise that will give the fans and the stakeholders a sense of confidence”.

Prasad, who appeared on Radio S1 Dhamaka’s Monday night Sports Talk-back Show in Vancouver, Canada via phone, said it will only take a man with a clear conscious to take the sport to another height.

He said the current leader has got it all wrong on many pressing issues and has also manipulated success for his personal highs and the fact that OFC president David Chung has vouched for Patel is laughable.

“The U20 and Rio Olympics qualification must be credited to local districts for their unerring developments. Who is Rajesh Patel trying to fool”, asked Prasad.
“The districts are owed gratitude. And the country deserves better”.

Prasad also promised to change the constitution by making it an even playing field for freshmen to contest for the presidency and other positions.

“The supreme cover of the FFA has been designed to favour the incumbents. I will make sure it is inked in a way that whoever is involved with the sport be that club, district and or school can contest the election for whatever position he so desires”.

“It is only through new leadership that FFA can change I do not believe that FFA can give this sport back to the people of the Fiji and world without new leadership, untainted by the practices of the past. Fiji certainly deserves better.

“I will not be a pawn for others. And will not allow  flawed system to continue”.

Prasad’s message to the member associations of FFA “To Member Associations of FFA, I say, you are the backbone of football and FFA should serve you.

“FFA will not be run as the personal fiefdom of an all-powerful clique.”

The Fiji Football Association election will be held on October 6 th in Ba.


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