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FSLGV bail-out of the Pacific Cup

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FSLGV president Nadraj Nair FSLGV president Nadraj Nair The Canadian All- Stars soccer sides’ much publicized 2015 Pacific Cup participation has been dealt a major blow.


An insider of the Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver, who spoke to Sportsone on the condition of anonymity, said the league failed to garner the projected funds and it forced them to call it a tour.

He said the short fall is the reason to abandon the tour and not the lack of player's interest purportedly claimed on its official Facebook.

"The league had been vigorously raising funds", he said. "There has been minimum public support, and the lack of it led them to withdraw from Pacific Cup".

The FSLGV reports that the seven of the eighteen players failed to submit the passports for their bookings, to which the insider said the league wanted the players to pay a portion of the travel which many refused.

“I have been personally involved with fund raising from the very get-go and believe me we knew the tour will be a bust unless we raised sufficient funds to participate in the Pacific Cup. The player’s work commitment and leave is to justify the public of their withdrawal”.

Atma Ram, a former Fiji Football Association defender predicted in March of this year that the Pacific Cup participation was a shot.

He said then, there was a cloud of doubt over the ethics of the decision and the wisdom of playing the tournament that is a standard beyond and one that the local side was not ready for.

“I made the call based on what I know about the FSLGV”, he said today. “I guess the public made their intentions known by not helping fund the team. Surprised? Absolutely not, expected? You better believe it”.

Former All-Stars’ midfielder Jas Singh held similar views when he spoke to this website last month.

“I don’t think it will happen”, said Jas, during his last interview.

He added the side lagged behind the tactical and technical lace for the event.




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FSLGV has become a laughing stock.Cheap, as they can't payout its winners let alone taking a team to Pacific Cup. Shame! shame!!
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