Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Funds raised must be given to charity

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Funds must be given to charityFunds must be given to charityThe Canadian All Stars withdrawal from the 2015 Pacific Cup has prompted fresh calls for the Fijian Soccer League to use the public raised funds towards charity.

Many who helped raise thousands of dollars through food drives over two years believe the cash should be put to better use now that the team has called it a tour.

Anand and Ravi Raj, who bought tickets to help the fundraising campaign say the league, would be doing unjust to the kind contributors if they decide to utilize the money elsewhere.

“People were misled by FSLGV”, said Anand. “Fundraiser by false pretense is how I feel about the whole thing. Right thing would be to use the money for various charities on the lower mainland".

The Surrey brothers say the notion that the money would be used towards future tours is simply preposterous.

“The FSLGV couldn’t do the Pacific Cup. What events if any are they planning on doing in the future”? They asked. 

But Sportsone has learned today that the FSLGV is still raising funds for New Zealand and the South Pacific Tour, this is just a week after they officially pulled out of the Pacific Cup.

The fundraiser will coincide with the 2015 presentation night dinner and dance set for October 24 th.  

“Just as when you thought they were done, they announced yet another tour and money making scheme”, Ravi said today.  “I don’t know what Pacific Cup organizers have to say about the new trip to New Zealand”.

FSLGV blamed player’s lack of interest as their reason for the withdrawal but a league insider admitted last week that the lack of funds forced them to abruptly end the trip

Ravi said the league has come under the scope for its many dealings in the past and the latest has given them more reasons not to support the already unpopular organization. 




+2 #1 butakoo 2015-10-17 12:38
Read for yourself the reasons for the latest fundraiser on their FB. How not so smart try to admit the wrong and by the way S1 is spot on when it said the players were asked to pay part of their tour, $700 to be exact.. per a player
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