Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Ryland Sangha Ryland Sangha The Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver continues to vary its decision over their Pacific Cup withdrawal.

The latest aim is on the lack of 'skills' on the part of the players and this is in contrast to the players’ lack of interest and work commitment given earlier.

The two, however conflicts this websites finding that the standing committee dispatched to raise the funds had hit the cul-de-sac.

“The decission for withdrawl was solely based on lack of skill players to particiapte at the tournmaent of this magnitude. If it was a tournament like FANCA or Sanatan World Cup in which Vancouver teams particiaptes all the time, the players could have been replaced easily at the final hour. Fijian Soccer League has hundreds of players in its program, however, it was coaches discretion that only certain players are capable of playing this touranemnt..."A clarification from the Canadian All-Star team coach". The message was extricated from FSLGV Facebook post dated, October, 12th.

The above admission has certainly offended budding soccer star Rylan Sangha, who was named in the Pacific Cup squad.

Rylan, arguably the most skilled player in the league said he is distraught by the league’s comment.

“I’m offended”, he said. “The leagues’ reason simply doesn’t make sense”.

“There’re way too many skilled players in the league and I for one don’t agree a bit with what they have to say on the Facebook”.

The Fijian All-Star says when it comes to skills and dexterity Fijian players’ match imports in all facets of the game.


The former FANCA team Canada team director Omar Khan refuted FSLGV’s Facebook message in regards to skills and FANCA tournament.

He said the mention of skills and FANCA, is not league’s prerogative.

“FANCA is by no means a diddly event; team Canada has always been represented by the best and the brightest players from around the lower mainland, including the imports”.

Abreast with both the tournaments, Khan says Canadian players have what it takes to play the respective tournaments, the Pacific Cup and FANCA.

“Our players play against top district and import players. Fiji team is always made up of district and national team players, so to suggest our players don’t have the skills questions one’s knowledge about the beautiful game”.

“For the record Canada has won the championship in 2001 and lost in the 1997, 2006, 2010 and 2012 finals”.

Sanatan World Cup soccer coach Mun Reddy lashed out at the FSLGV for throwing its players under the bus.

“Who is FSLGV to make a judgement call on Sanatan Football”, asked Reddy, whose young side went down to Brisbane, 5-4 in the shoot-out of last year’s SWC final in Sydney, Australia.

Reddy said there’re pools of skilled players who would do just fine in the Pacific Cup, added the players need to be identified.

“Some of the best players stayed out of the last SWC, yet we went all the way to the finals”.

Reddy said the FSLGV should simply look at its end and not act as the governing body for the religious and cultural associations.

The FSLGV’s claim that there are hundreds of players in their program opens up a debate on the management’s laxity in finding capable replacements for the November tournament.




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