Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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ABs fans celebrate RWC title

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Dan Carter and capitan Richie McCaw with RWC trophyDan Carter and capitan Richie McCaw with RWC trophyA partisan New Zealand rugby fans are binge celebrating their side’s back to back RWC championship victory in Vancouver.


The mighty All-blacks beat nemesis Australia 34-17 to claim its second title at Twickenham in England this morning.


The resolute hundreds who were glued to TV sets were never disappointed with their sides’ form.

Those many Sportsone talked to say they had always predicted a New Zealand victory but agreed the brave Australians will put a grand fight.

They say the ABs were ever so ready to tear up the turf at the rendition of Ka Mate Haka.

Maciu Macaniwai and Sakeo Matts who have only recently changed their rugby allegiance declared November towards celebrating New Zealand's double RWC win.

"It's time to party like crazy", said Matt, with a nod of approval from Maciu.

The two Richmond residents who had over the years rooted for Fiji backed New Zealand following Fiji’s sad pool elimination.


"After Fiji I'm all for New Zealand, it's the closest I can show my rugby feeling to. I'm happy for the ABs”.

Matts said New Zealand was at top of its game added Australia ran into the menace bunch that appeared so determined.

Former New Zealander, Rehyan Atik said the proud rugby nation has put its vicious brand of world class rugby on display and for the rest of nations to be envious about.

"New Zealanders take their ruby very seriously", said Atik. “The best celebrates while the rest have four more years to drool”.

"The entire nation is celebrating. And I pose here to send them my congratulatory wishes for a fine display of championship rugby.


“New Zealand was simply magnificent”.

The Vancouvans say there will be no pop in sight for sometime as they will all resort to their drink of choice, champagne, beer and Kava.

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