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FSLGV looks at new age and draft

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FSLGV President Nadraj NairFSLGV President Nadraj NairThe Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver will propose an age amendment for the Masters Division during the annual general meeting.

President Nadraj Nair says the league will seek the age increment to 38 years from the already over 35.

He said once the full congress gives its support the change will be enacted for 2016 season.

“We will put forward the proposal before the full congress during the annual general meeting”, he said. “The amendment will get the premier teams the help they need in terms of numbers”.

“The way the age limit is set up now most players seem to look forward to playing in the over 35 league, the change will garner players a good three more years to play premier ball”.

Nair said the aim is to rejuvenate the premier division with the support of the 35 year old players.

The league is also contemplating on implementing a draft entry system should the new age increment gets endorsed.

“The whole idea is for the lesser weights to stay competitive. The new players will go through a draft whereby the lower tier teams get to pick new players first overall”.

Nair fell short on admitting the foothold will be a deterrent for players in joining top teams.

The age increment change has received mixed reactions and questions have been raised about the league’s complete disregard to players’ legal rights and choices.

Shanil Prasad who hasn't played soccer since his premiere days says his much anticipated Masters Division debut with friends would likely be shelved should the  league's new draft policy gets passed.

"I guess people can live with the age amendment but to have the new breed of Masters Division prospects go through a draft like entry sounds too professional", he said. "We talking about Fijian league yet some envisage as the NHL and the NFL but with a difference".

Prasad said the difference is the FSLGV is not a professional entity and they should leave it as status quo.

“I don’t think the league has the right to put players through a mandatory draft. We should be able to choose the teams we want to play for. I don’t want anyone to tell me who should I play for”, said Prasad.

"Unless there is some sort of pay or kickback at the end of it".

Prasad says the FSLGV should look at other options like capping the teams with their new signings.

“What that means is a team can only protect two new players per season, that way they don’t stack up with the new breeds”.

Nair said the delegates will have the final say by way of votes during the annual general meeting on February 21st, 2016.




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I agree with whatever Shanil had to say.Draft? proposal is not happening, good luck FSLGV
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