Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Funds must be given to charity Funds must be given to charity The public owed Pacific Cup funds have not been returned to the kind contributors or been put to better use.

And despite the Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver's reimburse declaration on its official Face book, not a single person has received the money to date.

Sportsone understands thousands of dollars were raised on the pretext of taking a team to New Zealand and following the withdrawal the money has been pocketed by the association.

Rajan Naidu feels the FSLGV is holding on to public's funds and the claim that people contact them to collect their cash is simply preposterous.

He says with no proof of purchase, the very donors have no means of collecting their cash.

“People got food”, he said. “The purchases were made through ticket presentations and so there’s no proof for refund”.

“People certainly wouldn’t ask for refunds on food as it would sound only stupid”.

Naidu said the reparable should be in the way of charity towards various organizations.

“I think if we should continue pushing forward and get the FSLGV to cut a cheque of the accumulated funds and hand it out to the many needy charities. It would be in the best form of reparable”, Naidu said.

Asif Ali expressed similar sentiment, said the cancellation of the trip was “unwise,” and questioned the FSLGV’’s decision to keep the money.

“If officials are trying to appear up-front about calling people of any donations then what about all the funds that were accumulated through fundraisers. I say without any strings attached it must be given to various charities on behalf of the donors”, he said.

“The people who helped with the fundraiser need to know where their money is used knowing the Pacific Cup went a bust, it’s not for FSLGV’s coffers”.

Ali says he has heard people talking down on the FSLGV about the fundraiser and its intentions.

“Like many, I have a problem with the FSLGV keeping the money that was raised by what I would term as a false pretense. It is perceived by many that they were duped into opening their wallets”.

He said the very perception is that the money is tainted and by giving it away to needy will get rid of the perception altogether.


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