Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Fans feel for the award

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SportsoneSportsoneThe 2015 Sportsman of the Year winner has pricked local sporting fans conscience for being less great-full of the award.

Pramod Chauhan’s comment that he is not for individual award have people up in arms.

The fans say the irony of the fact is while the stylish midfielder thanked the very voters, he failed to acknowledge the award and the governance.

Ajesh Lal, a frequent contributor and an ardent sportsman feels Chauhan didn't appreciate enough the individual award.

"Even if someone is not about individual awards, he would find words of exception to commend the single biggest award and that of the Sportsman of the Year", he said.

Lal says the great footballers' remark leaves a tangy after thought.

“How can a man who overwhelming garnered 75 percent of the votes take a pass by saying he is not about them all individual awards.

"Chauhan needs to be mindful that people didn't take into consideration his lengthy record. The award was based on his contribution for 2015, the  athleticism and the subsequent honour".

Nilesh Naidu, who roots for Navua Masters’ all season long, said while the Navua star paid gratitude to the voters, he completely snubbed the individual award and its cordiality.

“I’m a little disappointed”, he said “ I was expecting the great player and an equally amazing individual to embrace the Sportsman of the Year award and make it public that he loved the unique piece of ‘glass’ that clearly crystallized his hard work”

Naidu said 5 time Ballon d' Or award for the world football player of the year player, Lionel Messi is a testament for championing personal accolades.

"I celebrate my fifth world player of the year award. It's incredible, much more than anything I dreamed of as a kid", Naidu quoted Messi saying when receiving his award.

Naidul added Messi was very kid like, thanking everyone including his teammates, coaches, family and his fiercest competitors and FIFA, the governing body.

"I love personal awards as it reminds me of my contribution to the beautiful game", Messi went on to say.


Naidu quipped the difference is obviously in the levels of judgement.

2015 Sportsman of the Year  chairman and Radio S1 Dhamaka sports analyst and commentator Riten (RG) Gosai down played the whole hoopla, added what is of importance is that a great soccer nominee won the award by virtue of votes and whether the award itself got praised varies opinion.

"Let's all celebrate with Chauhan", said Gosai.


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