Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Ben Ryan give instruction to his players  Ben Ryan give instruction to his players While Fiji 7s fans elsewhere vented their displeasure at the sides embarrassing loss to South Africa, the 'Fijians at heart' campaigners say they're all believers.


The Vancouver fan-club formed this past week to garner Fiji the support during the Vancouver 7s in March retaliated by reminding fans to be mindful of the sporting fact that no team in the world can always be podium bound.

Steve Draunibaka, the lead campaigner said the 31-0 loss to Blitzbox is a wake-up call for the team to re-evaluate its play ahead of the Sydney Sevens at the weekend.

"We all wanted Fiji to win not only over South Africa but to win it all", he said. “The loss should not make us Fijians trash talk on the regaining world champions”.

Draunibaka said the team certainly needs that extra dose of stimulants and look to the remaining legs with a lot of optimism.

He said Coach Ben Ryan took the blame for the loss and that’s professionalism.

“I’m sure the team has shrugged off the loss and as fans we need to back them up through it all.


“The team will sponge in the positives to their advantage. Fans need to show good sportsmanship as well”.

The rugby enthusiast labelled the lower-mainlanders' as the believers.

He added while the South Africa loss was a kick in the teeth 'we should live up to the cliche' as the ear to ear smile wearing Pacific Islanders even at our lowest”.

Fiji now trails World Series Table leaders South Africa with 2 points (52 – (54) for second place.


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