Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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New season with more of the same

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Javid Khan returns to Tanoa FC for 2016 seasonJavid Khan returns to Tanoa FC for 2016 seasonThe new soccer season kicked off today and as usual the Masters Division fixtures drew fans from all ages at the North Surrey Oval.


And while there was so much promise to rejuvenate the Premier League, it appears the prospect of the expansion hit the curb because of the binding players’ policy.


You would think  the head honchos would just do anything to allow for more teams to enter the competitions’ but I guess the Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver is quite contend with the blurred vision of the things at their end.

It is because of the said ruling the matches at the Bear Creek Park could well be put into three game modes; an exhibition mode, an arbitrary knockout, and a league mode.

The standard did very little to wow you on the latter.

Not that there were no marquees to keep you at the park, but the simple fact is the FSLGV brand is not quite the sell among the sports know-how's.

The compounding failures of the past, the Pacific Cup withdrawal and the unsubstantiated deceleration of the funds topped the discussion among the fervent.

Outside of the five coloured uniforms and a ‘fill in a blank’ team of Viti Club, there was not much in terms of identity.

If anything, the timely return of Tanoa FC has added some stigma to the otherwise struggling Premier League.

Had it not been for appreciated addition of the creativeness, the FSLGV would have been looked down as a proper ‘waste of a Sunday’, a lack of a better description for an organized league or is it already one.

The fans at North Surrey Oval though, made for a grand reunion of golden oldies.

The usual, meet and greet, the rivalry and while not all the results were mouth watering, the food was definitely mouth savoring for players and fans alike.

Isn’t the ten team Masters Division, a league itself? I leave that part of the gif to the fans to weigh in their honest opinion.

Quadruple Masters League champions, Navua looked to be the team to beat again this year.

Navua had picked up the very form they’d left off last season. They beat Ba 4-2 to maintain its 4 year unblemished winning record.




+1 #1 Same old 2016-04-25 15:25
It's the Masters League to begin with, shame on the FSLGV who can't work around the rules to include more Premier teams.. 'You can't transform a donkey into a horse'
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