Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Fans take to social media to celebrate

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Back to back WRSS champions Fiji: HSBCBack to back WRSS champions Fiji: HSBCFijian 7s fans world-over jumped on celebration frenzy with a difference following Fiji’s back to back HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series win in England.

Thousands' took to social network, Facebook and Twitter to extend their unerring appreciation to the very men who have made the country proud and have etched themselves into history.

The euphoria of the success stretched four corners of the world as the fans had a field day celebrating, the members of the victorious team joined the raucous band with messages and pictures of their own using the very medium.


And while those that may not be a part of Fiji celebrations when the team arrives in the country, they’ve already made their feeling known in the way of congratulatory messages for the brave hearts.

The fervent young and old, neutrals, foes and the unbeknown have been expressing their delight at the entire team, Coach Ben Ryan and the technical staff.

In addition, Twitter, which has established itself as a hub for real-time discussions, Fiji, a 'dot' like country is getting recognized and drawing all the rugby attention for all the right reasons.

Majority of the fans on various sports Facebook page have shrugged off Fiji’s anaemic cup-semi-final performance against South Africa and third place match versus USA, they say nothing beats the feeling of being the abbreviated codes best.

They say the London Sevens win would’ve been a hearty welcome to the already acclaimed silverware but nothing takes away the stigma of being the 2015-2016 World Rugby Sevens Champions.

Fijian soccer great and former Vancouver Whitecaps sensation Ivor Evans commented:


“Fiji’s win is remarkable in its ability to bring about the nation in pursuit to a common goal that is by unifying the country. In fact, it is quite possibly the only time that fans hold Fiji to dear heart. Every time Fiji wins the country stops literally, it eradicates the differences; we should all feel proud to be Fijians irrespective of our relocations”.

Sportsone and Radio S1 Dhamaka sports analyst Riten Gosai said the Flying Fijians are back on the throne - restating their claim as Kings of 7s rugby and brand ambassadors of the game.


"Fans world over are in euphoria. Finally we have achieved the back to back glories - our 3rd title overall. Ben Ryan certainly deserves a lot of plaudits for giving this fabulous game a new direction in Fiji, taking our 7s team to a whole new level, elevating us to the helm - too high for Neil Powell and Gordon Tietjen's men to even touch us", he said.

"The 7s players have accordingly lifted their game and are worthy of every praise. The amount of talent at Ryan's disposal certainly makes him pull whatever hair he has left on his head every time he has to pen down his final 12. I must admit, however, Ryan has also done an excellent job of unearthing some fine exponents of the game - Kunatani, Ravouvou, Rawaca, Jerry Tuwai, Nasilasila, Taliga to name a few".

Gosai said Ryan has brought with him a lot of consistency, something we have always lacked in the previous years. All his credentials aside, fuelling the team with the ability to finish in the top 3 or 4 tournaments after tournament is probably what propelled Fiji to series victory.

"We won Dubai, Las Vegas and the prestigious Hong Kong 7s titles, finished 2nd best in Singapore and Paris, 3rd in Wellington and Sydney, 4th in Vancouver and London and ended up with plate in Cape Town.

"The 10 tournament journey was extraordinary. To see the boys pant and puff yet make those bone crunching tackles against Australia in the do or die match in London ricocheted one element of their game - it was all for the people back home. They bled for the nation, but if that is what it took, the 7s gladiators were up for it.

"They won the decider 26-0. Now that tells you something. That very game perhaps took its toll on the players. Although London 7s title would have been cherry on the cake, I'm ecstatic regardless. Now that 7s rugby is part of Rio, the prospect of a first ever medal at the Olympic Games has me beaming with hope. Ben and the boys have what it takes to bring back the shining glistening gold medal. Congratulations Fiji 7s and the fans worldwide! Go for Gold”.

Speedster Samisoni Viriviri tweeted: Job done. Life’s challengers’ brings tears, but those challengers bring blessings and smile # Fiji7s.

Jarryd Haynes on Fiji 7s Facebook: That was a good learning curve when you’re rucking and trying to ruck the ball obviously you exert a lot of energy. It’s so much faster, it’s a lot quicker, still getting used to it. I’m just being a sponge and learning as much I can.

Coach Ben Ryan tweeted: Back to back World Champions. A tiny island with a Levu heart. #veilomani.

Pesky play-maker Jerry Tuwai said 'Champions of the World’.

HSBS Sport: They’ve taken the #HSBC to new heights. Congratulations @fijirugby on the back to back titles.”


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