Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Teams gear up for Sangam tourney

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CTIV Sangam chairman, Mun Reddy.CTIV Sangam chairman, Mun Reddy.The newly formed Canada Then India Valiba Sangam will host its inaugural soccer tournament in August.

The tournament will be played in the premier and masters divisions and it will coincide with CTIV Sangam convention to be held during the two day event.

CTIV Sangam chairman Mun Reddy confirmed that 12 teams have already assured their participation including teams from California, Seattle, Edmonton and Calgary.

Reddy, who spearheaded the formation of the new organization, said the euphoria of the tournament is already being felt and there has been an outpouring support from the community.

“What started off with a simple discussion has been transformed into full blown movement”, he said.

“Sangam soccer had died for the longest time. We felt the need to give soccer a life line so that generations on can-not only play the game but use the opportunity to spread the cultural message and rejoice the brotherhood”.

Reddy said sports world-over have been recognized for uniting people and we intend to do just that by involving all Sangams' during our convention, that is our aim”, Reddy added.

The two day tournament will be held at the Newton Athletic Park on August 13-14.


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