Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 12th Euro Championship goal, but his team got beat 4-2 to throw the 'group of death' wide open.

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Sports is filled with characters

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Sports is full of characterSports is full of characterSome say sport builds character, while others argue that it reveals character.The truth is that sport is filled with characters.

Some sketchy, others reckless, and still others entirely bizarre.

And as football legend Pele writes in his memoir 'The Beautiful Game' "It is that character which determines the rise and the fall of not only athletes but people and the institutions".

Sportsone fervent would recall the post FANCA championship outburst in October of 2016.

Coach Mohammed Janif used social media to unleash a bitter tirade against the fans by claiming "They were hates back home". His cohorts also labelled this website as 'uneducated'.

It is the power with which the statement was delivered had irked among many, Tanoa FC manager Praveen Adrakar, who in an earlier interview admitted the claim was preposterous.

The hordes also felt the statement was nothing but a charade to convince the fans the team had made history, yet unaware of the unbeknown leading up the championship game.

The purportedly 8-2 USA and 4-0 semifinal 'fix' against Fiji had evidently came to light and for once, the fans had directed their frustrations at the governing body, the FANCA Federation for being asleep at the switch for failing to order an inquiry into the seriousness of the allegations.

But with the bizarre end of FANCA chaos comes the most inglorious moment in the history of Combine FC.

Just less then six months into Sportsone's Top Story of 2016 and weeks from the start of a new football season, Combine FC has declared itself defunct.

The demise raises the credibility question on the very statement 'This is my boys'.

The sports know how's say the Prince Charles Park statement had only charged up clubs to put a legitimate claim on the players they believed were theirs and at the same time send a deterrence against the possibility of happening in the future.

It is sad to learn a team formed by the pioneers on the principles of foresight, equality, respect and competition succumb over what could be over the the wrong choice of words.

Did it simply serve good on the institution? many Sportsone talked to have their reservations.

The greatest footballer of all times, Pele admits character of athletes, people and the institution makes them successful, its failure, he says only befalls them.



0 #3 Doomsday 2017-04-11 16:17
Janif a coach? Who is he trying to fool. Sportsone load that video up so people can get to watch it all over again as to how the Combine group embarrassed themselves and the BCMSA. Every one in that clip should be suspended.
+2 #2 Shame 2017-04-10 17:53
Janif's behaviour on fb was very childish, it brought shame to the everyone around him.
+4 #1 Bellyup 2017-04-10 09:10
A lesson learnt for Janif. The higher you go up the harder you fall down.
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