Labasa football team wins its fifth Champion Versus Champion Series with a 2-1 win over Suva at the ANZ stadium. FFA photo

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Kumar receives S1 Award

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Former Lautoka rep, Naveen KumarFormer Lautoka rep, Naveen KumarLAUTOKA Football Association's 2016 Battle of the Giants technical advisor and former rep, Naveen Kumar was honored at a special ceremony last night.

Naveen, whose technical and tactical lace helped the district win the BOG after a lapse of 31 years received Sportsone and S1 Radio's Appreciation award.

The special award is given annually to an individual who goes out his way to make the difference to a team and the organization out of pure love for the sport and passion.

The New Zealand based former Fiji and Lautoka player provided his expertise and the know-how of the game to the stand in coach Anginesh Prasad during the BOG tournament.

"I'm thrilled to be recognized off all places in Vancouver, Canada. I can't thank Sportsone media enough", said Naveen while accepting the award from Sportsone's Subarmani Reddy.

"Seriously I'm speechless".

Naveen said 2016 was magnificent on a personal level, on a sports level. I would like to thank the LFA, the players, the fans and Sportsone media: thank you."

"I must also praise president Abdul Kadar and coaches Kamal Swamy and Anginesh Prasad for the historic 2-0 win against Labasa that ended the districts' 31-year winless drought".

Reddy said as a reputable Canadian Fijian sports only media, they've made it a duty to recognize the very athletes that have transcended the sport.

"We feel the need to pay gratitude to the very men whose unerring contributions otherwise go unnoticed.

“It’s not that these individuals seek recognition but it’s per say we value and acknowledge your time and energy”, Reddy said.

Naveen joins Lautoka's 1985 BOG winner, midfielder Kelemedi Vosuqa' Cheetah, Nadi Alumuni, Fiji and Vancouver Whitecaps Ivor Evans and Suva's Sylvester Joseph as the latest recipient for the S1 Award.


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